Latitude; 64. 20 42 79

Longitude; 12. 16 27 70

As most norwegians are tending to hail modernism, we are seeking the opposite direction towards classic romantisism in the style of 1912. Oldernæs Gård/farm was bought that year by the german proprietor, author and bearhunter OTTO SCHULZ (1857-1935) and used as his summers residence. His main motive for staying here were undoubtly the 10 kilometer long coastal line towards the Snåsa lake and its trout resources. That and the stunning beauty of this land makes the whole world go disapearing for a while until the mosquitos reminds you that you are not dreaming...


Bearhunter Schulz Summers residence is created by the family Ona-Hauffen,

Oldernes Gård, 7760 Snåsa, Tlf; 0047 74 60 23 12,

E-Mail: brevtil@godseierschulz.no



Facts about Oldernæs farm (Ålnes): 100 ha pine forest, 6 ha farmland of grass and barley, ca. 10 km unspoiled rockbound shoreline, a dozen beaches with the 2,5 kilometer long Grønørstrand as the biggest and most child friendly, 15 buildings: 3 houses, 5 cabins and 9 pit privys. Oldernæs is situated 25 m above sea level on the rather mysterious Snåsa lake, Snåsa county, Nord Trøndelag district, on the road no 763, 50 km above Steinkjer and 170 km from Trondheim in direction north. Closest trading station, gaz station, auto repairs and railroad station 5 km away. The Jørstadelva big trout river is situated only 2 km away. The Oldernæs farm controls its own angling zone and trades fishing permits and boats for rent.