The Oldernæs Angling Zone

On this gracious morning you wake up to the soft whisper of waves, you push your boat over the grinding stones into fresh cool water and slowly sink your oar, or you simply use the quiet electric motor on your way to mesmerizing sights or just to wetten your fish-hook. You got the angling licence from Oldernæs Farm in your pocket wich secures you 10 kilometers of exclusive troutwarps.

Angling licence for a day; Nkr. 50.- in cash

Angling licence for a week; Nkr. 150,- in cash

Angling licence for a year; Nkr. 200.- in cash

Rowing boat; Nkr. 50.- in cash (duration by appointment)

Electric motor with full battery; Nkr. 100,- in cash


PS! Keep your camera ready as world fame awaits; -a sharp reliable picture of the Snåsa sea monster will be widely acclaimed and rewarded